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The Pentax Printer is interesting as in it's a direct thermal printer. The printer can be driven straightforwardly from the windows operating system and other handheld gadgets. It prints max 3 pages in a moment with the great pictures with a resolution of 200 or 300 dots per inch. Furthermore, it just weighs 1.12 lbs. The best part about this is you will never need to stress over ink or toner. One of its greatest offering focuses is that it's so natural to transport, settling on it an ideal decision for the voyaging specialist. Vast paper measure choice to permit printing of long persistent floods of information on move paper without a page break.

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How to connect Pentax printer to an AC outlet

Connect the AC adapter to the printer through data cable. Plug the AC power cord into an AC power outlet.

  • Ensure that your printer is off before installing the interface cable.
  • Take the printer end off the cable and hold it so the notched metal surface side of the printer.
  • Insert the printer end of the cable in to interface connector on the side of the printer.
  • By pushing the latching device on both side of the interface connector when inserting to the printer.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the HPC serial synchronization cable.
  • How to install the printer software to communicate with your PC or laptop?
  • Insert the software CD in to PC’s CD driver.
  • Select the installation
  • Select the printer model number and “continue”
  • Fill the shown question‘s answer. Here either you can skip of continue
  • Select “model number” and your “OS” and “continue”.
  • The installation process starts.
  • Then Go to next → port →next
  • Choose a name and click “next”
  • Click on “Finish” now
  • If you see a warning message “Digital signature not found” click “Yes” to proceeds the installation.

How to inset the paper in to the printer?
  1. Hold the printing paper properly by both hand and insert in to input slot.
  2. Hold the printing paper properly by both hand and insert in to input slot.
  3. Push down the paper into paper slot carefully.
  4. If the paper is skewed after the printer pulls it in to the starting position, correct it by:
  5. If the printer does not start to print, open the release cover, pull out the paper and close the cover. Again insert the paper.
  6. Note: Always use the Pentax quality paper.

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