Ricoh Printer phone number

Ricoh is the most attractive office types of tools producer. It has an almost negligible difference of printers and is centered on private company and also huge business. From convenient to overwhelming printers are offered by the Ricoh. For little office the Ricoh printer print 74 pages for every moment. Ricoh printer furnishes their imaging items with Auto Color Sensing innovation keeping in mind the end goal to expand ink or toner utilization on each printing venture. This printer offer more alternatives to clients, contingent on the sort of printing required.

What to do when the Ricoh printer does not print?
  • Check the power cable is connected to the power switch.
  • Check online indicator. If not ON, then ON it.
  • Check the red alert light is on. If it’s “ON”, then there is an error problem. Correct the problem.
  • Check the paper tray that paper is feed or not.
  • Also check the paper size is same as the paper tray.
  • Check the printer configuration. If there is still problem then contact to Ricoh Printer support technician at +1-800- 793-5007.
  • Check connection between printer and computer or laptop.
  • Connective cable should not local.
  • Check “Data in” button. If the button is not light on then data is not able to send from the PC.
  • Check the wireless connection.

Troubleshooting when using the “copy” function?
  1. Check printing paper is long as 355 mm.
  2. Select the paper tray in place of Bypass tray.
  3. Check the maximum copy quantity
  4. Cancel the running scan job by click on “Clear or stop” button.
  5. If the authentication is failed then call to our support team.

What do when printing copy is not clear?
  • Check image density. If it is too dark or too light, then adjust the image density.
  • Place the printer on plane surface area.
  • Smooth out the wrinkles from the paper if the paper is curled.
  • Check the loaded paper match the paper type set-up.
  • Use quality based ink toner.
  • Check printing surface otherwise it damages the internal component.
  • Check the cleanness of exposure glass.

How to replace the Toner?

Open the front cover of the printer and raise the toner holder lever. Push the green lever and pull out the holder carefully. Push the Toner bottle back to raise it top and carefully pull out the bottle.

Why our Ricoh printer support is keep importance for you?
  • Our company is staffed with experienced professional support team.
  • You get the deserved support once a call.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Guaranteed return of quality solutions
  • Our support team has ability to meet tight dead line.
  • 24*7 working services.