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Samsung printers are extremely savvy gadget and accompany high-innovation based highlights, for example, various usefulness, Wi-Fi availability, checking, portable printing, rapid printing and that's just the beginning. Samsung printers are high caliber and honor winning printers with numerous choices for different gatherings of clients. Clients can choose the Samsung printer according to their prerequisites, printing velocity and innovation which is conveyed to fabricate these gadgets mechanically progressed for every client. Samsung makes different sorts of printers, for example, Color Multi-work, Color Laser, Black and White Laser and White Multi-useful and so on in different sizes and shapes according to the framework similarity and ease of use.

Connecting your printer to the PC or laptop

A. To install a printer by using USB cable

Plug in all USB cable from your printer to you PC or laptop in respective USB port.

Turn on the printer.

B. Make Samsung wireless printer connection in following steps

Go to control panel ->devices and printers.

Click the start button.

1. Click on Add a printer button.

2. Clock on add a wireless printer button.

3. Select one of the available printers you want to use and hit on next button.

4. Click on install driver and wait till complete the procedure.

5. Click on finish button.

Solve wireless connectivity issues in Samsung printer in very simple steps

  1. Click Start button on the Desktop
  2. Type Device Manager in the Search Box
  3. Select Device Manager from the list
  4. Go to Network Adapters and look for any entry with a yellow exclamation mark next to it
  5. If you see a yellow exclamation mark then right-click on the Wireless Adapter and select uninstall
  6. Download and install the latest Wireless Adapter Driver for your printer model from the Samsung website
  7. Install the Driver and reboot the system
  8. Check whether your Samsung Printer is able to connect to your router
  9. If there is no Wireless Adapter installed for your printer, you need set an ad-hoc wireless connection between your Samsung Printer and router. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Step by step procedure to install the ad-hoc wireless Samsung printer connectivity

Procedure this first.

  1. Switch on your computer and Samsung printer.
  2. Insert CD into your CD-ROM drive
  3. Click on E:Setup.exe where E is the drive letter of CD-ROM
  4. Follow all installation steps and click Next
  5. Select Wireless network connection
  6. “Are you setting up your printer for the first time?” click Yes
  7. Select Using a direct wireless connection
  8. When the process is completed, click Next
  9. Follow instructions to complete the process.
  1. Go to start button.
  2. Click on control panel
  3. Select “view Devices and Printers” options.
  4. Make a click on Port button
  5. Go to configuration port button.
  6. Kindly, check out the IP address of Samsung printer.
  7. The IP address must match with the configuration sheet’s IP address. If the address change the type it as same as configuration sheet.
    If still you are facing the problems then contact our Samsung printer tech support phone number on 1-800-793-5007

Your printer run too slow! How to fix the printing speed problem?

If you want to increase the speed then select the print mode like Standard or draft in your Samsung printer driver. If your printer has less memory, then increase its memory by adding RAM. If your printer is in power saving mode, ten it will take some extra time to print. So remove the power saving mode.

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